INFiLED esitteli neljä uutta tuotetta InfoComm 2018 -messuilla. Uusia tuotteita ovat muun muassa Air Carbon Solutions AC/TC – sarja. Vahva ja vakaa, mutta samalla kevyt järjestelmä. Deep Black Solutions DB-sarja, joka parantaa kuvanlaatua, sillä se on valmistettu mustille LED-paneeleille erittäin mustalla maskauksella. INFiLED esitteli myös Classical Fixed Solutions NL -paneelijärjestelmän sekä @HoLo:n – visuaalisen apuvälineen tekstin näyttämiseen LED-näytöillä kaikenlaisissa ympäristöissä.

Seuraava teksti on haettu valmistajan omilta verkkosivuilta:

INFiLED New Products Launched on InfoComm2018   

There were 1000 exhibitors and thousands of products on InfoComm 2018. For INFiLED itself, it had brought 10 series which was quite amazing.

On InfoComm, INFiLED launched 4 new products totally except for the original hot products, Easy Rental Solutions ER Series, Perfect Wave Solutions X Series, green product Grand Media Solutions GMG series, the smallest pixel pitch in the rental market Smart Rental Solutions S Series, and 4K High Definition Solutions HD Series with HDR technology.

For the market different demands, new products came into being.

Air Carbon Solutions AC/TC Series, whose frame uses a combination of carbon composites, aluminum and magnesium is extremely strong and accurate, is big panel 600x1350x97mm with lightweight 14.5kg only. With super frame and set cart optional, it saves much time to assemble to make the application easy.

Deep Black Solutions DB Series is designed extremely deep black for ultimate image quality. By selecting the ultra-black material for the mask and using the exclusive black LEDs, it has been made super black which has set a new standard for the industry.

Classical Fixed Solutions NL Series has updated from the classical L Series which mainly focuses on fixed market. Now it’s smallest outdoor panel pixel pitch is 2.8mm. The panels come with slim die cast aluminum housing for seamless screen building as well as the aluminum control unit for providing convention cooling, enhancing energy efficient performance, and maximizing service life.

As a visual media solution transparent mesh LED display, @HoLo series aims to help to deliver messages, which is a revolutionary product for to @ others and express your aesthetic taste. @HoLo series can be installed directly behind the glass facades of buildings, it can also be applied for windows, show rooms, exhibitions, shopping malls chain stores, museums, advertisings, media etc.

INFiLED never stops developing and innovating. For better service and better application industry, INFiLED is doing more and more to reach its goal! INFiLED, present excellence and won’t let you down.