2018 Prolight + Sound -messuilla BlackTrax (LINK TO BLACKTRAX) esitteli uusimman
version reaaliaikaisesta tracking-järjestelmästä. Päivitetty järjestelmä mahdollistaa entistä
luovemmat ratkaisut ja sitä voidaan käyttää luomaan entistä vaikuttavampia tapahtumia.
Marty Cochrane, BlackTraxin tuotantopäällikkö kertoi kaikista parannetuista
ominaisuuksista ja siitä, miten asiakaspalautteen kautta on päästy entistäkin parempaan

Seuraava teksti on haettu valmistajan omilta verkkosivuilta:

BlackTrax Version 2.3 beta demo at Prolight + Sound enabling new levels of creativity

At Prolight & Sound (Hall 4, Stand C71) CAST BlackTrax is announcing Version 2.3 of its unique BlackTrax real-time tracking system that can help bring new levels of creativity to designers of impactful, complex and memorable events.

“The new features bring even greater accuracy, flexibility, and reliability to a system that has been at the heart of over 8,000 shows around the world, and they allow designers to achieve even more spectacular outcomes,” said Marty Cochrane, BlackTrax Product Manager. “We’re in constant dialogue with our many users, and they provide vital feedback about how they would like us to enhance BlackTrax’ capabilities – and those inputs are what has driven this new version. BlackTrax is already incredibly stable and fully-featured – but that’s not to say we can’t make it even better, and that’s what we’re doing with Version 2.3.”

The new features include:

  • An all-new active reconstruction point cloud. This is designed to eliminate the splitting effect seen in previous versions and creates more stable, smoother tracking data that further enhance the audience experience.
  • Continuous calibration takes place in the background, refining tracking in response to the slight movements that can happen over time with the hanging structure and obviating the need to manually regularly recalibrate the show space.
  • Dynamic zones users can define a Zone (pre-defined space within the tracking area), give it a behaviour trigger for example, make the zone a dark area, no lights or can shine through this zone, now virtually attach the zone to a moving trackable, for example a car that’s being projection mapped on, as the car moves around, the moving lights turn off if their beam touch the car so the lights will not wash out the projection.
  • Auto Save/Revert Project
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Pan-Flip Timing
  • Flexible precision control acknowledges that not all third-party outputs need, or can successfully handle, the micrometer precision of the data BlackTrax sends via the RTTrPM The resolution of the data can now be adjusted downwards, resulting in smoother tracking.

The CAST Group stand at Prolight & Sound enables visitors to experience the magic of BlackTrax via a 3-minute demonstration that showcases the system’s many capabilities, including the new functionalities featured in Version 2.3. Visitors will also be able to interact directly with the system, as well as having the opportunity to participate in a role-playing dueling game that sees the first ever integration of BlackTrax with the Unity game design platform.

Among the BlackTrax partners at Prolight & Sound are Amptown System Company GmbH (4.D52), Avid (4.F49); Dataton (4.B24); disguise (4.C21); Green Hippo (4.C31); L-Acoustic (3.C11); Luminex Network Intelligence (3.E81/93), and Panasonic (4.C40).

BlackTrax is a vision-based system that is rapidly becoming an industry standard. It tracks performers, objects, moving scenery, passing precise positional data in real time to media servers, robotic cameras, automated lights, spatial audio and other equipment and applications that support the RTTrPM open source protocol, enabling astonishing effects that are repeatable with a level of precision not achievable by any other method.