Mika Pynnönen has previously served as Deputy Managing Director of Audico Holding Oy and will take up his new position as Managing Director of Intersonic Oy and Intersonic AB on June 1, 2021.

Harri Leiva, who previously served as Managing Director of Intersonic Oy, will continue as Managing Director of Audico Systems Oy and the Group company Audico Holding Oy. Peter Brodin is leaving the Group at this stage. We thank Peter for his fine work for Intersonic AB.

“Behind the changes are the companies’ will to strengthen the management and the need to be able to better meet customers’ needs. Among other things, with these changes, we are strengthening our strategy in both Finland and Sweden”, states Harri Leiva.

“This is a big change for Intersonic, both in Finland and Sweden. I see many opportunities to streamline operations and strengthen the common business models. I also believe that the change will clarify Intersonic’s role towards customers and partners. Even if the management changes, customers will be able to do business with us as usual and be in contact with familiar salespeople as before”, says Mika Pynnönen.

The changes in the companies will take effect on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

For more information:

Harri Leiva
Managing Director, Audico Holding Oy
+358 20 747 9350

Mika Pynnönen
Managing Director, Intersonic Oy & Intersonic AB (from June 1, 2021)
+358 20 747 9345